What is the Aquapea®?

The Aquapea® is an innovative product, capable of repairing leaks from inside the pipe with zero excavations, whether the pipe is Polyethylene, Copper, Alkathene, Galvanized Steel or Lead.

]The Aquapea® can be used in various pipe sizes from 15mm to 50mm with plans to increase this using our advanced technology.

Our revolutionary technology is WRAS Approved and has a Smart WaterMark approval for water efficiency, being one of only 300 products that has demonstrated real water savings.

How the AQUAPEA® Works

Step One.

The AQUAPEA is introduced into a water supply pipe at an external water metre chamber.

Step Two.

The AQUAPEA is drawn to the location of the leak by the flow of the escaping water.

Step Three.

The advanced polymer forms around the damaged area, sealing the leak.

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